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Notice: Due to current volume TQS turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks after receipt of the last required document.
Notice: The TQS is not open for in person office visits.

Paper Transcripts

Please make use of Canada Post and courier services to submit official documentation.  If you have original official transcripts, you may submit them to the TQS by regular mail, Express Post, or courier.  They will be returned to you by regular mail.  If you include a self-addressed Express Post envelope or if you provide a $15.00 money order, your original documents will be returned by Express Post.

One of a Kind Documents

If you have one of kind documents that you wish to keep in your possession the TQS will accept Notarized copies of those documents.  The notarization must be done by a lawyer or notary public in Canada.  Each page of the documentation must be stamped separately and marked as copied from original.  The notarized copies must be recognizable as original and official and be submitted by postal mail or courier.

Electronic Transcripts

The TQS accepts official electronic transcripts on the condition that they are submitted directly to the TQS by the universities and colleges to the following eMail address:  transcripts2020@tqs.bc.ca  THIS EMAIL IS FOR UNIVERSITY USE ONLY.  DO NOT CONTACT THE TQS THROUGH THIS EMAIL AS YOUR SUBMISSION WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DELETED.  This eMail address is designated solely for transcripts submitted directly to TQS by universities.  Transcripts, document submissions, and inquiries from applicants to the transcripts eMail address will be automatically deleted.  Please make all your inquiries and submit your documents (with exception of transcripts) by way of the "Contact Us" section of the TQS web site.

Notice: Teacher Qualification Service Regulation Change.

The TQS has added a new regulation (see below)

TQS Regulation 1.08 states that where schooling from a non-accredited college or university was required by the Teacher Regulation Branch for the issuance of a BC public school teaching certificate, the TQS will consider that schooling eligible in an initial evaluation for category purposes subject to the regulations and policies of the TQS.  That schooling or other schooling from a non-accredited college or university will not be considered for further or future upgrading.

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