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F.A.Q. - Five Plus Category

How do I apply for TQS category five plus (5+)?
Please submit an application form, verification of your public school employment (most applicants simply photocopy a paystub) and official university transcript(s) for the 30 semester credits of course work.

I have already sent my transcripts, do I need to send them again?
No, If we have transcripts on file you need not send them again.

How do I qualify for the five plus category?
You must have completed at least thirty (30) semester credits or equivalent of acceptable course work beyond your category five (5) in order to qualify for the five plus category.  The course work must meet the requirements of an Integrated Program.

I have a BA/B Ed, B Sc/B Ed, BGS/B Ed, ...  Do I qualify for the five plus category?
If your initial category five (5) was based on a four year undergraduate degree and a two year bachelor of education degree you remain in category five (5).  Only course work completed beyond your initial category five (5) can be considered for the five plus category.  In accordance with the BCTF/BCPSEA agreement nothing used to place you in category five (5) can be counted toward the five plus category.

I'm in category five (5) and half way through my Masters degree.  Do I qualify?
Normally no.  If you have completed at least thirty (30) semester credits or equivalent of course work in an acceptable masters degree beyond your category five (5) you are eligible to apply.

I have a post graduate diploma in education beyond my category five (5).  Do I qualify?
Provided that your diploma is a minimum of thirty semester credits and meets the requirements of an Integrated Program you are eligible to apply.

I have completed a college diploma/certificate/courses.  Can this be used for the five plus category?
Course work for TQS purposes must be third year university level or higher and appear on an official university transcript with course credit attached or be transferred into an acceptable university program at the third year level or higher.

How do I check to see if a program that I am interested in is eligible for the five plus category?
Complete the Course Approval Form forward it into our office.  If you are considering a diploma program simply use the Program Approval Form.

Which application form do I use to apply for the five plus category?
Use this Application Form.

Where can I find detailed information about the five plus category?
The following TQS regulation spells out how the requirements of the five plus category may be fulfilled; Regulation 2.01 - Category Five Plus (5+).

I have a district assigned category "five plus," how do I have this reflected on my TQS category card?
Please submit an Application Form, and have your school district mail or fax to the TQS on school district letterhead confirmation that you have satisfied the districts requirements for the "five plus" category, and the date you qualified for their "five plus" category.

What is the difference between semester credits, and quarter credits?
Each of the following values represent one full year of study:

Semester CreditsQuarter Credits


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