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F.A.Q. - Graduate Degree

Does a graduate degree require a capstone?
No.  An acceptable graduate degree does not require a capstone, it can be course work only.

I have finished my graduate degree.  How do I upgrade?
Please submit an application form, verification of your public school employment (most applicants simply photocopy a paystub), and an official transcript from the university indicating completion of your graduate degree.

If a transcript with a degree statement is not yet available, we will accept an official transcript showing all credit awarded for your graduate degree and an official letter from the university indicating that you have met all your degree requirements, the date your requirements were met, and the date your degree will be awarded.

I have a graduate degree.  Why am I not TQS category six?
A graduate degree does not equate to category six (6).  One must have an acceptable graduate degree beyond qualifying for TQS category five before they are eligible for TQS category six.  Not all graduate degrees are acceptable.  Please see TQS Regulation 2.01 for the requirements for each TQS category.  TQS policy 5.00 details the requirements of an acceptable graduate degree.

How can I find out if the graduate degree I want to take is acceptable for TQS categorization purposes?
Please complete and submit a Program Approval request.  You should include your full legal name and current home mailing address in addition to the name of the institution, the exact name of the program and a link where we can view the detailed information on the program.  As program approvals can be very time consuming and the TQS has limited staff we kindly ask that you narrow your request to no more than 2-3 programs.  The TQS will advise you of the status of the degree you have selected once we have had a chance to review the program.

What are the guidelines for graduate degree approval?
TQS Policy 5 sets out the requirements of an acceptable graduate degree.  The TQS recommends that applicants have their degrees pre-approved to ensure it meets the requirements of the TQS and will result in the upgrade they expect.

Does the TQS have a list of approved graduate degrees?
The TQS does not maintain a list of approved graduate degrees.  The administrative overhead for maintaining a list of thousands of acceptable programs from all over the world is too great.  Also, the status of programs is continuously changing as new information comes to light.  We are able to research individual requests regarding programs.

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