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Glossary - Proof of Employment

The TQS is a small, non-profit service partially funded by the public school system.  As such, TQS Policy dictates that before any service (excluding first time evaluations, course and program approvals) can be provided, an applicant must provide proof of current employment in a British Columbia public school district.

Examples of proof of employment may include:

  • Photocopy of a recent paystub
  • Printout of an online pay record
  • A recent letter of appointment
  • A leave of absence letter

Please note that we do not provide services to private school or out of province teachers.

If you are not currently employed, we can accept a written statement from you that you are seeking employment in the public school system (or on the application form, mark "Seeking").  ** Except for Director's Reviews and Appeals.

Finally, if you are requesting a Director's Review or an Appeal, please note you must be currently employed by a public school district and provide proof as such.


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