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Glossary - British Columbia Teaching Certificate

In order to process a TQS card, a teacher must be in possession of a BC teaching licence, issued by the BC Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) of the Ministry of Education, formerly the British Columbia College of Teachers (BCCT).  The TQS and the TRB are separate entities and do not share transcripts, documents, or other information.  Applicants must apply to both the TRB and the TQS separately.

The TQS requires a photocopy of an applicant's most recent BC teaching certificate.  Please be aware we require the large, 8 x 11 certificate (the annual wallet card is not acceptable).  Teaching certificates issued by the Ministry of Education prior to 1988 are no longer valid and are unacceptable.

Please refer to the following images for examples of three acceptable and three unacceptable teaching certificates:

For all inquiries regarding your BC teaching certificate please contact the TRB:

#400 - 2025 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6J 1Z6
Tel:  604.731.8170 / 1.800.555.3684

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