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Notices - Graduate Degree Changes (October 2019)

Graduate Degree Changes

Policies and Regulations regarding acceptable graduate degrees have changed.  These changes may affect the upgrading requirements or category eligibility of some applicants.

PLEASE NOTE:  No reviews or upgrades will be processed automatically.  You must apply in order to receive a review or upgrade.

Summary of graduate degree requirements:

  1. The degree must be relevant to the BC public K-12 system.
  2. A master's degree or doctorate recognized by the TQS must be awarded.
  3. The master's or doctorate must be awarded by a school that holds accreditation acceptable to the TQS.

What Changed?

  • Credit Count -- an acceptable graduate degree no longer requires a minimum of 30 semester credits.
  • Initial Teacher Education Program -- The TQS now accepts graduate degrees that contain an initial teacher education program.
  • Capstone -- A capstone is no longer required within an acceptable graduate degree.

Please see the new Policy 5 & Regulation 2.01 - Category 6 (f) on our website for further details.

Who Should Apply?

  1. If you are in category five plus (5+) and hold a master's or doctorate degree that meets the requirements above, apply for an upgrade.
  2. If you hold an acceptable graduate degree with less than 30 semester credits and have not yet topped up that degree and received an upgrade, apply for an upgrade.
  3. If you are in category five (5) and hold a graduate degree that contains a teacher education program, you will need to complete an Integrated Program to qualify for category six (6).  You can apply for a review of your upgrading requirements.
  4. If you require clarification as to how these changes might affect your upgrading requirements or current category placement or if you are in a category lower than five (5) and hold an acceptable graduate degree, please request a Director's review of your file.

To request a Director's Review:

Submit your request through the "Contact Us" page on our website.  You must provide verification of employment in the BC public school system (most applicants photocopy a pay stub) in order to receive a Director's review.

To apply for an upgrade:

Complete the Upgrade Application form on our website.  Indicate that you are applying for an upgrade based on the policy and regulation changes.  You must provide verification of employment in the BC public school system (most applicants photocopy a pay stub).

Please Note:  If you are currently in category six (6), these changes do not affect you.  Please do not request an upgrade or director's review.  Category six (6) is the highest provincial category in British Columbia.

In order to receive a September 1st, 2019 effective date, your upgrade or review request must be received by the end of November 2019.


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