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Regulations and Policies

TQS Regulations are applied in assigning TQS categories.  TQS Policies have been established to elaborate on and assist in the interpretation and application of the regulations.  The Guiding Principles of the TQS form the basis for the regulations and policies.


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TQS Policy 5.5 has been amended to read:

A completed thesis in an acceptable graduate degree will be worth 12 semester credits except where a university has awarded more than 12 semester credits in which case the TQS will defer to the credits awarded by the university.

This change in policy could affect an applicant who was required to top up the credits for an acceptable graduate degree that contained a thesis.  This change could also affect an applicant who completed an acceptable graduate degree where upon applying 12 semester credits for their thesis, their program contained 60 semester credits or more.

TQS Policy 5.15 has been amended to read:

The program has a capstone.  It is mandatory that the university identify the capstone as such and that it is required as part of the regular program or included as part of the program before graduation.  Capstones must be documented on an official transcript or confirmed in a letter from the university.

The TQS will no longer scrutinize the type of capstone acceptable in a graduate degree.  This change in policy could affect any applicants currently in category five plus (5+), who completed a graduate degree that contained a capstone but did not contain an initial teacher education program.  This change in policy could also affect the upgrading requirements of any applicant in category five or lower who holds a graduate degree that contained a capstone but did not contain an initial teacher education program.

If your file fits either situation above you are encouraged to apply to the TQS (www.tqs.bc.ca).


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