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Regulations - Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles of the TQS form the basis for the regulations and policies.

Credential Evaluation

Consistent with the purposes of the TQS, categories of qualifications for teachers in British Columbia should be based on an objective evaluation of educational credentials.

Evaluation of credentials by the TQS shall be based on the following principles:

  1. Categories are established on the basis of years of university education within completed acceptable programs.  A teacher education program, which is considered by the TQS to be equivalent to a BC program, may be recognized without university credits.
  2. Acceptable programs or courses must be relevant to teaching or educational practice in BC public schools.
  3. The major standard applied shall be equivalency to standards of BC universities.  Candidates from out-of-province shall have their credentials evaluated on a basis neither more nor less favourable than those from within the province.


  1. Recognizing that salary categories are created to encourage teachers to undertake advanced education and to reward them for doing so, the Board believes that such education must be relevant to their professional roles.
  2. Relevance may be considered in either a general or a specific sense.  In the general sense, any course or program taken at a sufficiently high level of intellectual demand should be of benefit to a teacher in expanding his/her scope of understanding and intellectual skill, regardless of the particular area of study.  In the specific sense, however, a course or program shall be considered sufficiently relevant if it is directly related to a subject taught in BC public schools or to teaching and educational practice in BC.
  3. For the purpose of determining acceptability for a salary category, the TQS considers that courses, may be considered relevant in either the specific or the general sense, however, when they are relevant in the general sense they shall be limited.

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