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Reviews and Appeals regulations

8.01  A teacher, the teachers' association, the teacher's school board, or the Board, may at any time request the Director to review the category assigned to that teacher by the TQS and the Director shall carry out that review and shall notify the requesting party that the teacher's category has been confirmed or revised and the reasons for that decision.

8.02  The Director may at any time undertake a review of the category assigned by the TQS to a teacher upon being apprised of or discovering that an error has been or may have been made in assigning a category to a teacher.  If as the result of such review the Director determines that an incorrect category has been assigned, the Director shall revise the category and issue a new category card.

8.03  If following a review by the Director a teacher, the teacher's association, or the teacher's board of school trustees, is not satisfied with the decision of the Director regarding the category assigned the teacher, the party may appeal that decision to the Board.

8.04  An appeal must be in the form of a letter clearly marked "Appeal" addressed to the Chair, Teacher Qualification Board, at the Teacher Qualification Service office.  The letter should outline the grounds on which the appeal is based.

8.05  All appeals will be conducted in accordance with procedures established by the Board.

8.06  The Board will review the entire case and may confirm, raise, or lower, the category that has been appealed.  Following the Board's consideration of the appeal, the Chair of the Board will advise the appellant of the Board's decision and the reasons for it.

8.07  In the event a review or appeal results in the assignment of a different category, the effective date of the new category shall be established in accordance with Board policy in effect on the date of such new assignment. (A copy of the policy is available from the Director.)

8.08  The Board will reconsider an appeal decision only upon presentation of new evidence.


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